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Thank you for creating this blog called PARENTS’ CAVE.

Life gets really stressful when you are a parent and sometimes you feel like finding a cave to hide in. Unfortunately, we don’t have any in our community!

I am sending my thoughts your way. You don’t have to respond if you don’t have time, I just want to share with other parents.

My concern is about my young son and how to help him to have good hygiene.

He leaves all of his clothes on the bedroom floor, and eats in his room but never brings the dishes down. His room stinks so bad.

His bad habits are spilling over to his backpack and desk at school. We want to help him to be organized. It seems like a major problem for him.

Does anyone else’s child have these habits?

Skittish Mom!

Dear Skittish Mom,

You fail to mention the age of your son, so it is fair to assume that he has not moved into high school yet?

It seems like your son has developed a habit of leaving his clothes on the floor, because he knows that someone will pick them up.

He needs to know that he doesn’t have maid service in his bedroom or throughout the house.

We suggest that you do the following to help him develop good organizational skills and good hygiene, both at home and in school.

!. Purchase a clothes hamper and place it in his path, so that he can stop leaving his clothes on the floor.

2. Make sure to reward him with positive comments when he places the clothes in the hamper.

3. Charge him a fee from his allowance for every pair of pants that he leaves on the floor.

4. When, you find that he has picked up his pants and placed them in the hamper, pay him the same fee amount.

The rewards and consequence system will help him to think twice before he leaves the next pair of pants on the floor.

The goal is to get him to understand how his bad habits impacts his wallet and savings.


Hope this helps?

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