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every woman needs a margaret, LLC.

This exciting cross-culture program is designed for a mature–minded woman who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone, and share a portion of her time, wisdom and life experiences with another woman from a totally different culture, to learn, grow and share her perspectives about life, politics, race, family and other topics of interest that they deem appropriate.
The program is designed to accent the strengths of women who I select from the African American community, for the purposes of highlighting the value that these women bring to our society on a daily basis. Her name is MARGARET, and she is amazingly talented, beautiful, spiritual and filled with wonder and a commitment to excellence in all that she does. She defies the rigid stereotypes that so many hold onto, as, a way of understanding their plights in life.
The MARGARET is matched with a Caucasian female, who has a genuine interest in learning more about the experiences of the MARGARET but doesn’t quite know how to go about initiating conversations with someone like our MARGARETS. We perform all of the initial work for our MATCH and make the introductions via a Zoom call.
Click below to listen to the experience of MARGARET #3 who was matched with MAWVOICE#8.
The Executive Director – Sharon Edwards Billings, uses her insight and knowledge about each Caucasian female and decides upon a MARGARET Candidate, who possesses similar or totally opposite characteristics, values or interests than the Caucasian Candidate, who is matched based upon several criterion.
The goal of the program is to tear down stereotypes and to allow each coordinated match to foster in knowledge, laughter and a deep appreciation for another individual, who sixty days ago would not have ventured alone into an experiment of this nature on their own.


Join other MARGARETS and make a difference!
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