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We define INVOLVED SCHOOLS as those educational institutions that recognizes the value that parents and volunteers bring to their classrooms daily.

INVOLVED SCHOOLS, implement creative approaches to recognize positive parental involvement and the sacrifices of volunteers in their schools.

INVOLVED SCHOOLS, are schools that have demonstrated their ability to educate diverse populations of students and know how to foster strong communication between parents and school staff.

INVOLVED SCHOOLS, are aware of a growing trend to celebrate positive parental involvement and volunteers on the third Thursday of November on National Parental Involvement Day, as, well as throughout the school year.
INVOLVED SCHOOLS, understand the complexities that parents face in their efforts to balance the needs of home, work and school. These types of schools readily work with families to remove any barriers that limits the student's ability to achieve his/her academic goals.
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This is an example of the event that ALLPARENTSONDECK hosts each year for involved parents and volunteers. Involved schools, recognize the value of acknowledging their involved parents. During the month of November, ALLPARENTSONDECK works with local school public information officers to encourage them to share our nomination form with teachers and support staff.
They are asked to nominate five to six involved parents and volunteers. ALLPARENTSONDECK, with the support of sponsors such as the green bay packers, hosts an annual event called making music together. The harmony that exists between parents and teachers is the reason that we choose this name. Parents are publicly recognized and receive a plaque from their local legislator. We look forward to an opportunity to host another making music together event when public health issues are properly abated and addressed. Please enjoy the beautiful photos of parents and teaching staff who attended our event in the past. 



Make a donation of $25.00 to a school of your choice and we will share our sheet music and CDs.



our annual event

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2021 INVOLVED PARENTS and Volunteers Nomination Form

Download our 2021 PDF Volunteer form.