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MAWVOICE#23, is full of positive energy and laughs a lot. She is world travelled, toned and tenacious. She exudes both intense physical and mental strength. She willingly talked about her journey as a single mother who received her Ph.d at the age of 45. Her focus on fitness at an early age has paid off for her. She continues to teach her college students at the age of 70- as a college professor. We giggled like school girls, as, she shared with me the approaches she uses currently to keep her body in shape. I marveled at the discovery that she stands on one foot in her kitchen, when she is preparing her meals.

She explains that it helps to improve balance - which is one of the thing that declines as we age. MAWVOICE#23, talked excitedly about her new hobby of rollerskating and how it helps her to age gracefully. I simply loved this recording and know that you will too! Thank you MAWVOICE#23 for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me.

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