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MAWVOICE#5, puts a smile on my face every time that I have an opportunity to speak with her. Her smile and giggle is infectious and lights up any room that she enters.

I had the opportunity to witness her development from a high school student, to a wife, mother, attorney and a very determined individual.

She recanted the words that her father shared in her youth. His advice continues to resonate with her and greatly contributes to her academic prowess, self confidence and her strong work ethic. Her ability to micromanage the needs of her young children with the demands of a hectic legal career is stellar and worthy of mention. I asked her to tell me how she has managed to juggle the demands of two children, work life and her personal lives. She exhibits true grit and strength in whatever situation she finds herself in.

Thank you MAWVOICE#5, for your participation in the 4th TOWNHALL with the MARGARETS and MAWVOICES. You have positively influenced the life of the individual that you were matched with and superseded my expectations in your role as a MAWVOICE.


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