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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Seldom, do we hear about African-American dentists who own their own dental practice. Listen to my conversation with a wonderful, talented dentist who is part-owner of his practice. He realized that his success was tantamount to not just working in the field of dentistry, but that he needed to own a dental practice. Holding the Reins, refers to his realization about the power of owning his own business.

VOICEDEPAW#6, talks about the influence of his mother and how she encouraged him to consider dentistry. He was in the top part of his class at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) and realized that 'He was not the smartest person although he was a very bright student. That realization caused him to think that he could take his 'something else and do great things.' He said 'If, you want to control your destiny - you must be able to hold part of the reins." He is now holding the reins as a private practitioner.

That philosophy has come to fruition in his current role as the only African-American male in his community, who is in private practice as a dentist.

In the final section, he talks about the importance of the dental profession realizing that patients are afraid to come to a dental office.. 'We must take into consideration that patients are people and we have to treat them like that.

"He is a great communicator and cares for his patient's overall dental care. Every dental office would be blessed to learn from his philosophy and approach to providing excellence in dental services.


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