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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Rarely, did I ever see an African-American male librarian during elementary, middle, high school. It wasn’t until I visited a college campus in Dominguez Hills, California that I encountered a walking textbook of a librarian, who also happened to be handsome and smart.

Overtime, I licked my wounds and pursued a different career path. However, I never lost my appreciation for literacy, teaching young and old how to read, and also collecting oral histories. You might even say that this blog is a very modified version of my love for story telling and oral histories.

My blog style offers anonymity to parents and children, but allows information to flow from the hearts and voices of speakers, without concerns for breaches of privacy. Each speaker is addressed by a pseudo name throughout their interview and the final recording.

Female Speakers are referred to as MawVoice and by the chronological number of their recording. Men are referred to in the same way, but as Voice de Paw.

There is no really rhyme or linguistic rationale for this format, but a deference to them as INVOLVED PARENTS but in a fun kind of way. Each speaker is interviewed, vetted and verified prior to the final recording. The beauty of this process is that I personally know many of the INVOLVED PARENTS, through my professional and personal encounters. They are amazing in many respects, and committed to excellence in so many different aspects of their lives. I, know their incredible stories and want the public to hear, read and digest them too.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we have enjoyed capturing them.

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