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MARGARET#9, is new to the E.W.N.A.M Program, but is a veteran of life and overcoming challenges and developing her personal and inner strength. She shares a touching story about a challenge that she experienced as a four-year old child with asthma. That experience shaped her inner personal strength and helped her to develop the will to continue in life - no matter what she faced.

She has positively influenced the lives of so many and is a real jewel to her community at large. I am so excited to share her response with you. MARGARET#9, is a natural orator and a very spiritual person. She is highly accomplished in her own right. She is loved by so many and has helped thousands of individuals in her lifetime.

She is powerful and an asset to the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET, LLC program. I cannot wait to introduce her to new MAWVOICES that are looking forward to participating in this cross-cultural program. Thank you MARGARET#9 for participating in the 4th TOWNHAL with the MARGARETS and MAWVOICES.

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