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"Take that baby with you!"

MAWVOICE#5 was a young teen mom who now shares her encounters of growing up as a single-mom and raising her beautiful daughter. She speaks openly about generational expectations of her mother and the steps that her mom took, to help her daughter realize that she was now a teen and a mom at the age of 16.

We laugh as she explains her mothers' interpretation of ‘Oh Naw, you are ‘taking your baby with you’ to a totally different level, which resulted in the purchase of a baby car seat for the teen mom. We laugh and enjoy the wisdom that she now shares about other teens in her community, and the support she provides to them.

Part one covers cultural norms and identify in the life of a young teen Mom.

Part 1

How she influences youth in

the urban community

Part two covers how MAWVOICE#5 influences the youth in her community.

Part 2


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