is your gas pump accurate?

Updated: Jun 7

VOICEDEPAW#10, set aside time from a demanding work schedule to explain his exciting career, and how customers can know if they are receiving the correct amount of gas at the pump.

Tools of measurement impact our daily lives. We use scales at the meat market, grocery store, retail establishment, online purchases, gas stations, and many other places that we take for granted on a daily basis.

VOICEDEPAW#10, started our conversation out with humor as, he explained that "the little white sticker that is affixed to the side of the gas pump is your friend." In layman's terms - it means that the gas pump was calibrated or measured for accuracy. "If, your gas pumps says that you pumped fourteen gallons of gas into your car, but your car only holds twelve gallons - your gas pumps is not calibrated."

A person who is hired to calibrate gas pumps is employed with the Office of Weights and Measurements and calibrates the scale inside of the pump to make sure that each reading is correct.

VOICEDEPAW#10, is a Scientist or Metrologist, who studies and practices the science of measurement. He spent time in the past as a Calibration Technician to boost instrument performance testing. He is responsible for writing procedures for calibration; adjusting and measuring parameters that help calibration technicians to calibrate tools of measurements effectively.


VOICEDEPAW#10, was introduced to his occupation, after he enlisted into the military. "Before, a Marine uses weaponry in combat, we had to make sure that the intended target was accurate, so that someone or thing was not accidentally affected. Airplanes depend on the work of meteorologists, cellphone usage by consumers needs to have the right frequency, radio transmission is also measured for accuracy. There are a plethora of areas of our daily lives that work properly because of the work that is performed by Metrologist."

VOICEDEPAW#10, planned his career path while he was in high school. He purposed in his mind and heart to travel on roads that would lead him to success. He took advantage of educational opportunities in high school that strengthened his ability to achieve high scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB), which is administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command. It is used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces. (Wikipedia)

The average score for the ASVAB is 50 points. (asvabprogram.com)

VOICEDEPAW#10, was part of an elite group of soldiers, who were able to earn a score of 125-130 on the ASVAB aptitude test. This score assured him a place on the Calibration Team. When he was not in active combat, he would work with his team members to calibrate essentials tools of measurement that were used in active combat. This knowledge served him well and helped him to continue working in the field of Metrology in the public sector.

He also spoke with me about his personal life and the difficulties involved in being deployed overseas. He overcame many obstacles that he and other soldiers face when they are away from their families and in active combat. His success plan was as follows: Keep GOD first, WIFE second and DO THE WORK.

Thank you to VOICEDEPAW#10, for having this conversation with me.

For more information on this topic visit www.nist.gov and learn about the NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology. You can locate contact information for your State Division of Tools and Measurements.


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