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She lost her support system

MAWVOICE#19, talks about the perils of going through a divorce, the separation of family and friends and the impacts that those changes had on her life. She talks about her realization that all of the things that she was doing - was not helping her to recover from her new status as a divorcee. She lost her sense of self for a moment, but recalculated and turned to her faith to get back onto a road of recovery.

She cried for many days and then turned to GOD and learned to depend on him. From that point, she changed professions, developed new insights and reclaimed her sense of strength. Over a period of time, she saved a lot of money and travelled the world helping others. When she is not traveling she provides support to her aged father (95) and her mother who is in her late eighties. She is an asset to the E.W.N.A.M cross cultural program and to her seniors parents and her community too. Thank you MAWVOICE#19 for sharing your story of loss and triumph. You are an example of strength and I am proud of your journey.


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