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standing alone in strength!

MARGARET#3 starts our conversation out by talking about the reality of being the only African American in a predominantly white neighborhood, high school and community for most of her life. Being the only one in these situations come with a price. Listen to her response to my question about strength to learn how she strengthened her resolve to achieve excellence in every aspect of her life. Her life story would read like a bestseller on the New York Times Best-selling list, if only she had the time to write it.

MARGARET#3, Your strength is apparent in your commitment to run ten miles each day. Your commitment to practice law with integrity and to protect the legal rights of your clients, is a strength. I look forward to assigning to you a new MAWVOICE in this second year of the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET, LLC cross-cultural program. Thank you very much MARGARET#3 for consistently exhibiting strength in all that you do.


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