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In honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH, I wanted to provide a safe place for African-American men to provide earnest responses to several questions that I posed on the topic of race, racism and being a man of color. Seldom does anyone speak directly to men of color and ask them what affect does the vitriol, racial animus and racism in our society have on their sense of manhood. My hope was to try to help others to understand how societal ills affects their psyche?

HOST: VOICEDEPAW#5 What is that positive camaraderie that is obvious amongst men, even when they don't even know each other?

How can women duplicate that bond in their female interactions?

VOICEDEPAW#5, was able to shed light on the importance of men working together and how that camaraderie serves as a sign of strength, instead of competition and jealousy. He noted the difference in female friendships, and how a woman has a tendency to feel threatened by other women who has different talents etc...

He provided a wealth of information about how men and their thought processes. Thank you VOICEDEPAW#5 for a prolific delivery of information and a profound response to my question. The information that you shared is greatly appreciated and so is your participation in the 1st TOWN-HALL. I look forward to your participation in the future. Blessings to you and your family, as, well as to the brotherhood. It would be great if the world could take notes from incredible men such as those that appeared in this discussion.

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