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The real margaret

Updated: Jan 22

The consistent kindness, grace, class and philanthropic nature of one person, positively impacted the lives of the Executive Director of ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC, and others decades ago.

Sharon Edwards-Billings, reached out to the Real Margaret (#1) and informed her of her decision to name a business after her. We discuss my decision to use her name in the title of the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET, LLC cross cultural program. We, also spoke extensively about the virtues that the Real Margaret demonstrated in the past within her community, and how she positively impacted my life as a teenager. It was such an honor to reunite virtually with Margaret after a lapse of time of many years. She is still the kind, soft-spoken and accomplished woman that she was before, and an excellent role-model for the program and other women, who now stand in her shoes as virtuous women.


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