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There is value in the pig pen!

HOST: VOICEDEPAW#2 What attributes did you consider when you were growing up, to become the amazing man that you are today?

VOICEDEPAW#2, recounts his experience as a southern boy growing up with a father, uncles, and other male members of his family who would often gather to slay hogs. He states how impactful the gatherings were and how the men worked together for a common good. Throughout this conversation, he shares the goals that he set for himself and how he became the person that he is today, due in part to watching a community of men support each other in their doings.

HOST: Thank you VOICEDEPAW#2 for sharing personal insights on the particular attributes that you relied on to build character and help you to become the phenomenal man that you are today. You are a great asset to your family, employer and your community as a whole. Young and older men look up to you and recognize the value that you bring to their lives. You are such a gift to so many people including our organization - E.W.N.A.M.

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