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Each MARGARET came together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, via zoom - representing four different time zones, shortly after the George Floyd murder trial. The conversation of each MARGARET, barely touched upon the guilty verdict of George Floyd’s murderer. The women focused instead on different topics that impacts the lives of many. Each MARGARET, appreciated an opportunity to talk about their personal “MARGARET EXPERIENCE” as a, result of her participation in the 60 day process, that began on January 29 through April 6, 2021.

The benefits of the EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET-E.W.N.A.M. program are evident in the stories of these women. Thank you to MARGARET#3, who contributed to the conversation, as, she drove along the 11o freeway, enroute to an important meeting. she kept her eyes on the road and hands free of cellphones and devices, while safely engaged in conversation for as long as she could, and made important comments about the role of police, laws that dictate the governance of police unions, precincts. MARGARET#1, shared what she liked most about the program and included the fact that she didn’t realize that she would have something in common with a woman of the Caucasian persuasion. the other benefit is knowing other women, who are equally as giving and kind as she is, in their role as margarets. MARGARET#6 spoke about her hope for the world moving forward where there will be no hate and where people won’t focus on race, but that people will be loved and the tranquility of our world will become apparent. MARGARET#8 had to adapt to adjust to MAWVOICE#14, who was at first participating as a favor to the director of the program. overtime, their bond grew and they opened up and shared their perspectives about race, life and a host of different topics.

MARGARET#5 talked about her experience and how she was fortunately matched with MAWVOICE#15, who is somewhat secluded and how her role as a chaplain allowed her to provide the support that was necessary for MAWVOICE#15. She shared an interesting story about how MAWVOICE#15 cornered herself in the elevator when two African-American men entered the elevator with her. the recognition of MAWVOICE#15 of her perceptions about the men was untimely and unwarranted, merely because of her perception and fear of African-American men. several of the margarets and matches, who are referred to as mawvoices, have agreed to continue building strong friendships through email, phone contact and future visits with each other and their families. MARGARET#4, was not able to join in this town hall meeting due to her responsibilities as educator, mother and wife. Thank you to you all for making this a beautiful conversation. I hope that you enjoy listening to these women as much as I did.

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