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"ladies - don't burn your dress!"

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We are happy to finally publish our ' Third Virtual "TownHall Meeting With The Margarets and MawVoices." These lively conversations took place on a very warm Sunday evening in August 2021. I, had so much fun, preparing for this discussion and talking to MARGARET#6 along with several new guests: MAW VOICE#14, 17, 18, 20, 21 in a group setting.

I, believe that the appropriate time to share this conversation is now, as, we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I chose the topic 'Don't Burn Your Dress,' because there were so many restrictions on our ability to socialize with others. These restrictions influenced many areas of our lives, including our sense of dress/aka style.

I was curious as to how the National Pandemic and cultural changes affected our guests sense of dress. I invited them to gather virtually for a downhill meeting to discuss the topic that was appropriately chosen. This dialogue was filled with spontaneous conversations from each woman, who contributed beautifully to the topic of 'LADIES, DON'T BURN YOUR DRESS.


There was so much content that I wanted to share, but in the interest of your limited time and patience, the two hour discuss was condensed into small parts.

Sit back and enjoy each section of conversation from MARGARET#6 and MAWVOICES: 14,17,18, 20, 21.


Each guest shared a description of her "dress" in an effort to help others to understand what her sense of style/dress was on that night. Each discussed their rationale for wearing their dress on Sunday, August 1, 2021. What was surprising to me was the synergy between three of the four women who emanated from 3 different geographical locations.They each provided similar responses about their "dress" and they all wore the exact same dress color, without provocation.


Each lady talks about the differences between wearing a dress , versus pants and how wearing a dress makes her feel. This was a very interesting discussion because each woman was in agreement with each other, that wearing a dress produced inherently similar and positive feelings that even I had not considered, before this taping.


The importance for women and men to maintain a sense of positive self confidence and confidence in their respective body image is addressed in part three of the recording. As, the conversation evolved, less focus was attributed to the article of clothing that could be worn on a given day, but the reinforcement of the inner person who was going to adorn the dress. The resounding theme of the discussion was the importance for both women and men to maintain a sense of self, confidence and purpose with whichever style that she/he chose to display to the world.


Our tradition is to allow the guests to speak intimately without breaking a code of confidentiality. They were asked to chose the dominant color of their dress and then select letters of the alphabet to describe their personality.Two guests experienced technical difficulties and were not able to share parting words with the rest of the group. Their conversations were recorded separately, but are equally entertaining and thought-provoking as the other guests. I hope that you will reserve time in your schedule to listen and share your feedback too.



MAWVOICE#21- Part One

"I Was Feeling A Bit Of Royalty!"


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