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"WERE GETTING Involved" 

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About US


ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC was formed in 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin.


Our daughters moved from the State of California where they performed exceptionally well in their Montessori programs (2), and public school. They thrived academically and looked forward to transitioning into schools in the City of Madison, Wisconsin. 


To our surprise, the transition was painstakingly difficult for each of our daughters. One was hit with a clarinet in the face by a fifth grader and nothing was done to reprimand the child, because she was poor. The second daughter was attacked on the bus by another child, who put a jacket over her head in a tirade and attempted to suffocate her.  Finally, the third daughter was attacked by a child who said that she thought she was better than the other African-America children. Efforts to mitigate these and many other situations with school staff was at best challenging and frustrating. 


The important question that needed to be answered, was whether or not other parents could benefit from additional layers of support?  The answer was a resounding yes - that other parents would benefit from additional layers of support throughout the school year. 


 Hence, was the creation of this exciting grassroots parent and student advocacy organization. 


Sharon Billings is the Founder of this exciting grassroots parent and student advocacy organization called ALLPARENTSONDECK, LLC. She is a mother of three young adults and married to her middle-school sweetheart for 40 years. 

She spends her spare time walking, playing tennis, writing music, producing songs and learning how to play the piano. 


Her ability to serve as an advocate for families, is based on years of experience as a Court Appointed Special Advocate – CASA, for the Superior Court of Los Angeles and Dane County CASA. She worked for over 10 years in state and federal emergency management as a Human Resource Officer. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She writes, speaks and reads Spanish fluently.


ALLPARENTSONDECK, works with schools on local and national level to provide additional support to parents. We work with schools to identify barriers that limits a student's ability to achieve academic success. We introduce the issues to school staff and remain connected with the parent(s) until the issue is resolved, and/or until they feel comfortable to advocate on behalf of their child on their own. 

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