Updated: Jun 10

Who could imagine that two completely different women with what appears to be diametrically opposed backgrounds, would end up speaking to each other via ZOOM Calls and by telephone?

MARGARET#3, is a wife, mother of two daughter, a practicing attorney, real estate broker and a former college track star, who speaks French fluently as, a result of having once lived in Paris, France. She spends winters in Aspen, Colorado skiing and vacationing with her husband and daughters.

MAWVOICE#8 lives in the Midwest, and is also a very successful entrepreneur and practicing attorney. She is a wife, mother of four, and is very athletic in her own right. She walks to and from her office each day, prior to Covid-19) and she loves to cross - country ski, ride her bike for miles, walk and play tennis too.

The EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A MARGARET-E.W.N.A.M. is a cross-cultural program that moves women out of their comfort zone, and causes them to interact with a total stranger for a total of sixty days. The end result of the encounter for MARGARET#3 and MAWVOICE#8 is captured in this audio recording.

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