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SHE took the dive

In this conversation, she opens up to me about being afraid in her youth to dive into the deep end of the swimming pool. After a bit of coaching - she decided to go ahead and do the unthinkable. She shares how she felt after she made the decision to take the dive, despite being afraid of the outcome. She took the dive and found strength in never giving up, when difficult situations come her way. That lesson has helped her to continue promoting her new business venture and fostering new business opportunities.

Her strength and willingness to help others has served as a blessing to other women in the group. She serves as a source of encouragement to MAWVOICE#5; who is also a parent to young children, an attorney and entrepreneur. Despite difficult strains on their personal schedules; they do find time for regular telephone conversations and chats.

Thank you MARGARET#5 for stepping into your new role despite all of the other commitments in your life. Your commitment to the EWNAM group exemplifies excellence and class.


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