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In honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH, I wanted to provide a safe place for African-American men to provide earnest responses to several questions that I posed on the topic of race, racism and being a man of color. Seldom does anyone speak directly to men of color and ask them what affect does the vitriol, racial animus and racism in our society have on their sense of manhood. My hope was to try to help others to understand how societal ills affects their psyche?

HOST: VOICEDEPAW#1 What does it feel like to be vilified simply based upon the color of your skin? He notes in his response that that vitriol and violence against African-American men from members of society, seems to not have the typical markers. It used to be that some men who were involved in crimes, illicit drug deals or the likes fell victim to society's hatred and violence. Now, any man is prone to have something untoward happen to him for no reason at all.

VOICEDEPAW#1, introduced many valuable points during the TOWN-HALL that opened the door for the other men to share with honesty and offer up great anecdotes. Because, he is a prolific speaker and historian it was no surprise that he was so effective with his explanation.

Thank you VOICEDEPAW#1 for making your participation in this important discussion a priority, despite your very busy schedule. You are an asset and a great friend. Stay Safe Always!


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